ABM Display Programs: Go Beyond Just Pretty Dashboards

As a B2B marketer, you may already be investing in ABM display programs. These programs offer one of the most effective ways to pro-actively reach and engage your buyers and influencers at target accounts. As you consider your options for an ABM display tech partner, here are the real considerations that we believe should be front and center for you:

Are You Reaching the Maximum Number of Target Accounts?

Maximizing your account coverage is crucial in order to run a successful ABM display program – it’s like playing darts, the bigger your target zone, the easier it is to hit it and score. ABM display ads can be served either to specific business IP addresses at your target accounts (ABM IP-Targeting) or by matching cookies to relevant contacts at the same target accounts (ABM Job Title Targeting). Either approach will work, but only as well as the breadth, depth and quality of the  IP and third party cookie databases available to your ABM display provider.

Account Coverage Matters – A Couple of Real Life Examples

A B2B company was able to achieve 55% account coverage using Kwanzoo for their Asia Pacific (APAC) region, where for the same account list with another ABM display provider they  capped out at approx 33% coverage.
The difference was several 100 target accounts that were otherwise unreachable with ads.

A Hi Tech Customer targeting 4500+ accounts across North America found that they were only reaching approx 1500 of their target account list using their current ABM display provider. With Kwanzoo, they now reach an additional 1200 accounts using ABM Job Title (cookie) targeting, and 900 mid-market and SMB accounts with ABM IP targeting.
Within 2 weeks, they were serving ABM ads to 37% additional accounts.


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Can Your ABM Display Provider Serve Ads Beyond North America?

Not all ABM display tech providers are the same. A key difference is whether they can target and serve ads to accounts outside North America. Many B2B companies are global, or at the very least need to target accounts in specific international markets (e.g. UK, France, Australia-New Zealand, LATAM). It makes sense that your provider should cover all of your global program needs, right? The truth is that ABM display providers that use only cookie targeting are limited to North America only.  Third party cookie pools are not available at scale for overseas audiences. Therefore global targeting requires an IP-based approach.  Here at Kwanzoo, we have focused extensively maximizing global account coverage where you can run both IP-based and cookie-based ABM programs with our All-in-One platform.

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There are of course a whole range of additional considerations for global ABM programs. We address those, and explain how to kick off a structured process for ABM planning, budgeting and measurement in our new eBook — The Business Case for ABM. You can get it here

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Are You Efficiently Serving Your Ads, with the Right Volumes and Frequency?

Ask your ABM display tech provider if you have control over how many of your ads are served with frequency caps (daily/monthly) over the course of a multi-month ABM program execution.

Some providers will recommend up to 8 ads per user per day in order to maximize their media dollars. That is 400% over our recommended daily B2B ad targeting frequency of 1 to 2 ads per user per day.

The result of over serving? Low account engagement, message oversaturation, that is seriously detrimental to the brand. While serving more ads may help the ABM display provider paper over their limited cookie pool size, it really does not help you as a Customer achieve your ABM display goals.

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A strong ABM display solution should provide you with detailed, account-level engagement reports, that address ad clicks and website visits from target accounts, with an easy way to deliver account-level activity back to individual SDRs and AEs in your sales team. You shouldn’t have to live with high-level dashboards that are not actionable, or wait for post-program engagement reports.

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How Transparent is Your ABM Display Provider?

With even the smallest error in data or ad delivery, you may end up serving ads to the wrong IPs, into the wrong geographies, or the wrong number of ads to a matched cookie, wasting your precious investment in ABM display media.

As you evaluate ABM display provider partners, you will want to ask about their internal auditing procedures, and support for 3rd party verification. Is it possible to record their ad serving and click data into a 3rd party system (such as DoubleClick Campaign Manager)? How about delivering AdSafe-certified ads that are guaranteed to be delivered on brand-safe websites? Can they ensure specific levels of ad viewability i.e. a certain % of ads are guaranteed served above the fold on publisher sites?

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At Kwanzoo, we are committed to delivering the highest quality ABM display programs for B2B companies. You can expect full transparency on what’s working and what isn’t so you can quickly apply new strategies. We employ an “open media” approach that delivers 50%+ in media cost savings, an “open data” strategy that integrates the highest quality 3rd party data available, along with specific recommendations to maximize your ABM program success.

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