Getting the Whole Picture: The Value of View-throughs

I am seeing a spike in site traffic….and I have no idea where these visitors are coming from…”

Have you seen this happen at your company? You see fresh site traffic on your weekly website analytics reports, but you are unsure which marketing program is causing a spike in activity. You then find out that you have several retargeting and display programs actively running. Does this increase in traffic have anything to do with the programs you’re running?

It turns out that–more often than not–the answer is YES. What you are seeing are view-throughs. Many marketers underestimate or fail to attribute value to view-throughs. Let us get into view-throughs a bit more here – and hopefully by the end of this post we will convince you that view-throughs are well worth tracking for all of your display programs…

What are view-throughs anyway?

As a marketer, you may have heard of view-throughs at least in passing at conferences, presentations, or peer gatherings. Here is a quick summary of what view-throughs are: Continue reading

Kwanzoo April News Update

Take a look at the latest upcoming news and events from Kwanzoo in April 2015:

[Webinar] Email Retargeting 101: Nurture Beyond Your Inbox

Email Retargeting 101 Webinar

Increase nurture touches from 2x per month via email to 30x per month via email retargeted display ads. Re-engage inactive and unsubscribed users on your email lists,and reach new prospects sourced through 3rd party email lists. Continue reading

Good Analytics for Retargeting Programs

So you’re running display and retargeting campaigns. You have your budgets set, your creatives planned, and your offers ready. You’re good to go, right?

Not necessarily. Setting up your campaign is all well and good, but running a successful retargeting or display campaign requires, first and foremost, good analytics.

Good Analytics

Here at Kwanzoo, we’ve built one of the most extensive analytics interfaces in the industry. Here are a few key metrics that we consider essential for campaign success.

Budgeting & Spend Metrics

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How to be a Better Marketer in 2015

It’s been another exciting year here at Kwanzoo. As we wrap up 2014, we thought it would be useful to explore some ideas and strategies on what might make us better marketers in the new year! At Kwanzoo, we market to B2B organizations, from large enterprises to technology startups. Whether you are a B2B or a “considered purchase” B2C marketer, a lot of what we do at Kwanzoo should be of interest to you too? We certainly think so! Here are FIVE Ways we hope to be better marketers in 2015. What are your plans? Please drop us a note below!

Consume and Create Great Content

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Retargeting’s Best of the Best: The Year’s Top Posts

Retargeting continues to be an important strategy for boosting demand and accelerating the pipeline and sales for both B2B and “Considered Purchase” B2C marketers. As the year draws to a close, we thought it would be useful to put together the “Best Of” posts and webinars from around the web on Retargeting.

Just Getting Started

Are you new to retargeting? Start with these, so you get the basics down before you launch your first campaign:

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