Kwanzoo’s Awesome August of ABM

This August has been an exciting time at Kwanzoo. From new ABM programs with current customers, to broader industry recognition, new ABM resources, Kwanzoo Awesome Augustand new customers who are in the Fortune 50 and Global 100, it has been an eventful few weeks. We are glad to share some highlights of our “Awesome August of ABM” with our appreciation and gratitude below:

1. Top 2 for ABM Display in David Raab’s new Guide to ABM

Are you finding it a real challenge sorting through all the ABM hype and confusing messaging from providers? The newly released Guide to ABM (covers 40 providers, available here) from David Raab features Kwanzoo as 1 of the top 2 ABM display providers that support 4+ core ABM capabilities. This objective guide will help you choose the right partner(s) for your ABM programs in Q4 and beyond.

2. New Customers in the Fortune 50 and Global 100

ABM is rapidly gaining adoption across B2B companies, from high-tech startups to marquee B2B brands. Our latest Customer wins show growing recognition of Kwanzoo’s unique strengths in ABM. We are pleased to see growing ABM budgets, as customers see strong results from early pilots. From delivering maximum global account coverage, to the deepest ABM reporting available, along with full transparency, we’re glad to welcome new customers in the Fortune 50 and Global 100 to Kwanzoo.

3. ABM Introductory Video

Interested in ABM? Need a quick overview of what’s possible? Check out our latest 5 minute introductory video. See what makes us the broadest and deepest ABM display solution available today. Watch Here>>

4. ABM Account Coverage Report

Here at Kwanzoo, we are focused on what’s right for our customers. We call it “ABM Done Right.” As a growing, self-funded business, we believe delivering value to customers comes first. Our free Account Coverage Report eliminates all of your risk, so you know up front what accounts you can globally target with ABM display ads.

5. The Business Case for ABM: Planning & Budgeting

Unclear on the process for ABM budgeting? Don’t miss our webinar (co-hosted by Markistry), the first in our Business Case for ABM series. We will focus on planning & budgeting for ABM, along with ABM success measurement, and real-world ABM case studies.

Note: Our Business Case for ABM: Planning and Budgeting webinar is now available as a recorded video. Thank you for all the positive feedback. Watch Now>>

How is your August shaping up? Whether it August, or any other month of the year, we are here for you. Have a question, comment or feedback? Drop us a note here>>

ABM Display Programs: Go Beyond Just Pretty Dashboards

As a B2B marketer, you may already be investing in ABM display programs. These programs offer one of the most effective ways to pro-actively reach and engage your buyers and influencers at target accounts. As you consider your options for an ABM display tech partner, here are the real considerations that we believe should be front and center for you:
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Measuring Success from ABM Display Programs

This is Part Two of a 2 part post. In Part One, we discussed how ABM display programs which serve ads to specific target accounts and contacts differ from traditional display programs that target broader audience segments based on their content interests, site visit, or search behavior. As any good B2B marketer or CMO will tell you, any marketing program that you deploy needs to be measured. Your Company must be able to establish a clear correlation between spend and sales outcomes within a reasonable period of time.
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Why Run ABM Display Programs, and How to Measure Success

Many B2B companies today are investing in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), and a key part of that investment is through ABM display programs, in which display ads are served across the web to your list of target accounts.

In this post, part of Kwanzoo’s #ABMDoneRight series, we will look at how ABM is transforming traditional display advertising. We will discuss why display has not worked traditionally for B2B marketers, and how ABM is fixing some of those limitations. In Part 2 of this post (to be published next week) we will get into the specifics of measuring ABM display program success – and how measurement for ABM display is different from traditional display programs.

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The Road Ahead for ABM: 6 Key Takeaways from Oracle MME16 and Marketo Summit ’16

For B2B marketers, the months of March to May are well and truly “conference season”. From the Martech Conference (#Martechconf) in San Francisco in March, to the Oracle MME Event (#MME16) in April, the Marketo Summit (#Mktgnation) and IBM Amplify (#IBMAmplify) events in April-May, topped off with the Sirius Decisions Summit (#SDSummit16) at the end of May, it’s a full plate of B2B marketing innovation for everyone. We at Kwanzoo have been present at all 3 of the “Big 5” marketing events this conference season so far, while the IBM and Sirius events are still ahead of us.

ABM: Is it Rough Waters or Clear Skies Ahead?

Account-based Marketing (ABM) was front and center everywhere at the past 3 conferences. What became very clear to us was the following: The faster an enterprise B2B CMO has confidence that her team was equipped with the right answers to their questions (i.e. they are headed to clear skies, and not caught deep in rough waters) the faster they would move forward with their first ABM “pilot” or kick off a strategic ABM initiative.

ABMDoneRight: Moving from Rough Waters to Clear Skies

This post is part of Kwanzoo’s “#ABMDoneRight” series of posts and webinars.
Storm vs CalmWhether you are a mid-to-large enterprise B2B company, a B2B SMB business, or a high tech startup, you simply cannot ignore ABM. You need to map out your ABM strategy. You need to make decisions around your ABM tech stack and solutions, both tactical and strategic. You need to educate and build up ABM skills within your teams. You need to make a decision around ABM related investments. You need to cut through the “noise” from martech providers, with just about everyone telling you they can help you with “ABM”!

This post is our attempt to help clear some of the ABM “rough waters” today and help you get to “clear skies”. If you are new to ABM, we hope it helps you get started. If you are already in, we hope it helps you avoid some wrong turns, get serious, and start seeing near-term results.
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