Online Display Advertising for Account-Based Marketing: How Much Does It Cost?

Recent developments in online ad technology have made B2B display advertising more affordable and easier to manage. Today more companies can do it than ever before.

But does that mean your company can afford to do it?

This article helps answer that question. It lists your likely costs and offers tips for controlling them.

Expect Costs in Three Categories

When you begin B2B online display advertising, you will spend money in three areas:

  1. Fees for an ad technology platform. This is a monthly or annual fixed cost. You pay a subscription fee.
  2. Fees for media buys. These are variable costs. The amount you pay depends on how many ads you buy, which accounts and individuals you target, and how many impressions you want.     
  3. Fees for creative and other purchased services. These are also variable costs. You will need creative and production services to generate your ads. You may also choose to buy optional premium services such as ad verification.  

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How to Set Up Account Lists for ABM Display

Are you running ABM display programs (display ads directed at your list of target accounts)? If so, there are 5 key questions you should be asking your ABM display partners BEFORE you launch a program:

1. Which accounts on your master account list are reachable?
2. How many accounts can you target for a set budget?
3. Which accounts are being served your ads (and how many impressions)?
4. How many (more) accounts are engaging via ads and on your website?
5. How many new opportunities are in your CRM from your target accounts?

This post will answer the first of these questions — how you can find out the number of reachable accounts (accounts you will be able to serve ads to) on your target account list. At Kwanzoo, we encourage you to get this exact information from us through a complimentary Account Coverage Report.

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A Peek Behind the ABM Curtain (second in series)

An Interview with Mahesh Jeswani (aka MJ), Principal Product Manager/Head of Product for Account Based Marketing Products Marketo

Kwanzoo: Mahesh, your CEO Steve Lucas recently claimed that “We’re the Best in Marketing Automation” – a space that focuses on lead generation, contacts, and MQLs. So why roll out Marketo ABM?

Jeswani: When you listen to a lot of the people who are talking about or doing Account Based Marketing (ABM), a lot of what they are discussing sounds similar to marketing automation software-related requirements. If you look at the large enterprise companies that Marketo sells to, you will see as they use Marketo for their broad-based or lead-based marketing that the next question that comes up is “What if we had account-based marketing built right within the same Marketo platform that we have been using over the years for traditional marketing?” It is a natural thought progression from a marketing perspective. That is why at Marketo we believe that ABM should live within the Marketo engagement platform and now we have made it a reality by delivering a new best-in-class ABM product few months ago.   Continue reading

Inside Display Ads for Account-Based Marketing: From Specs to Creative to Production

When B2B companies ask themselves if online display advertising may be a good way to strengthen their account-based marketing, they are likely to face dozens of questions.

This post tries to answer two:  

  • How can do companies create effective display ads for account-based marketing?   
  • What creative skills do you need to get started?

The answers are organized into three topics we’ll address in order:   Continue reading

The New Metrics You Need to Measure Account Based Everything

“Don’t count the people that you reach; reach the people that count.” David Ogilvy

Marketing has made significant progress in using metrics to earn accountability and respect since Mr. Ogilvy first said this quote, but its significance finds new meaning in today’s world, as the rise of Account Based Everything (ABE) demands new ways of thinking about marketing metrics and measurement.

Traditional demand-gen metrics simply aren’t enough to optimize an account-based strategy.

While leads and opportunities are important and even necessary metrics, they are not sufficient to measure ABE. You need metrics that are suited to this specialized discipline – or you’ll be pursuing and rewarding the wrong things. Because ABE is a fundamentally different approach, it requires fundamentally different metrics, those that provide an account-centric lens to your measurement. Here, marketing won’t be generating many “hot leads” – so even metrics that incorporate quality (MQL) become less useful.

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