An Open Letter to LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Customers

Dear LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Customer,

All of us here at Kwanzoo have been fellow travelers alongside LinkedIn/Bizo the past couple of years, as we have blazed the trail together integrating MarTech with AdTech for B2B. So we were surprised to hear that yesterday during their earnings call LinkedIn announced that they were discontinuing Lead Accelerator.

B2B marketers today need to overcome significant market noise, constant threat from their competition, and find new ways to reach and engage their increasingly elusive B2B buyers, as they help their sales teams accelerate their pipeline and meet revenue goals.

Alongside LinkedIn/Bizo, the Kwanzoo team has been hard at work helping our Customers achieve greater Sales/Marketing alignment through more effective B2B display programs. We offer innovative new ways to extend lead nurture beyond the website and email using display. Using the technology, our B2B customers are delivering much more personalized, and targeted messages through display, using first and third party data.

The timing of the LinkedIn announcement is certainly ironic, as the market is just starting to recognize the value from integrating the two traditional “silos” of “B2B Sales + Marketing” and “B2B Advertising” technologies.

First and foremost, we truly feel for the Linked Lead Accelerator team. It is never easy to hear news such as this one. The larger Parent Company felt that they could not deliver the Lead Accelerator service efficiently to their customers. LinkedIn is a great company, and this must not have been an easy decision for them.

For all LinkedIn Lead Accelerator customers, we want to let you know that Kwanzoo offer multiple targeted B2B display program offerings today. The Kwanzoo platform is designed from the ground up to put you as the Customer in control.

From easy DIY Program Setup, to self-service rich media creative builder, out-of-the-box integrations into several major marketing automation (Oracle|Eloqua, Marketo, IBM|Silverpop, other) and CRM systems, unified dashboards for your Sales and Marketing teams, and the ability to efficiently launch programmatic display through several real-time bidding (RTB) platforms, with all the help you need from our Customer Success team, Kwanzoo can address your display program needs through our All-in-One platform.

As you seek an alternative to the LinkedIn Lead Accelerator capability, you will want to review Kwanzoo’s personalized site retargeting solutions. Deliver highly targeted and personalized B2B lead nurturing ads, through programmatic display, all fully integrated with your MAP/CRM.

For those of you interested in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), we have a strong offering there, enabling you to deliver global ABM at scale.

If you have already invested in LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, and would like to continue to grow value and in-house capability in that area for your Company, please give us a call or contact us. We are here to help.


Mani Iyer
CEO – Kwanzoo Inc

13 Keys to Success: The Ultimate ABM Checklist

With 2016 fast approaching, many B2B marketers are considering account-based marketing as part of their program mix for the new year.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

ABM is an outbound marketing program that provides the unique capability to target the exact accounts of interest to your company, as well as the key contacts or decision makers that you need to reach. ABM programs are more cost-effective in terms of media spend, and help accelerate the pipeline and boost revenues. For more detail on ABM programs and how they work, click here.

As you embark on the ABM path, you might be wondering: “How do we get the best ROI from our ABM program spend?” Well, look no further. Here is a comprehensive 13-point checklist that will help your marketing team achieve great results from ABM.  

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Beyond the Click: Best Practices for Site Retargeting

Site RetargetingSite retargeting has been around for some time. What many marketers miss is how crucial it is to go into your planning phase prepared with key data, and the importance of optimizing using measurements way beyond just engagement and click-throughs from your ads.

In this post, we start with a basic overview, ‘What is Site Retargeting?’. We then cover “table stakes” – the must-dos for planning & launching any site retargeting program. We wrap up by covering what smarter B2B marketers are doing today to make the most of their active site retargeting campaigns – finding new accounts, contacts and leads through site retargeting, driving higher engagement with personalization rules, and accelerating their pipeline as a result.

1. What is Site Retargeting?

Site retargeting is a display marketing strategy that allows you to re-engage the 95% of site visitors who leave your site without filling out a form through display, to convert more visitors who have already expressed interest in your brand. With this strategy, visitors to your website are tagged with a retargeting cookie when they visit your site. They are then served your ads throughout the web as they browse the internet, leading to increased, cost-effective top-of-funnel lead conversions.

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Martech Meets AdTech: A Glossary for Outbound Marketing

As a B2B marketer, you have seen demand generation go from art to (more of) science at your company over the past few years. You have had to learn new terms and concepts, from standard marketing automation to advanced lead scoring tactics, from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Accepted Leads (SALs).

You have been helped along this journey towards more marketing technology (or Martech) by your platform providers, industry analysts, and a whole new category of marketing services and consulting firms. And now with the rise of AdTech, many of you realize ththe science of marketingat you need to start connecting your outbound marketing programs into your Martech stack, which requires a whole new lexicon.

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the range of new marketing program and platform options that are available to you? Just keep our Martech meets AdTech Glossary handy. We promise you that you will feel much more prepared, as you walk into your next team meeting!

Key Players in the Ad Tech Ecosystem

Advertiser – A party that buys display ads through a real-time-bidding (RTB) platform, or an ad network (such as Google Display Network).

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Getting the Whole Picture: The Value of View-throughs

I am seeing a spike in site traffic….and I have no idea where these visitors are coming from…”

Have you seen this happen at your company? You see fresh site traffic on your weekly website analytics reports, but you are unsure which marketing program is causing a spike in activity. You then find out that you have several retargeting and display programs actively running. Does this increase in traffic have anything to do with the programs you’re running?

It turns out that–more often than not–the answer is YES. What you are seeing are view-throughs. Many marketers underestimate or fail to attribute value to view-throughs. Let us get into view-throughs a bit more here – and hopefully by the end of this post we will convince you that view-throughs are well worth tracking for all of your display programs…

What are view-throughs anyway?

As a marketer, you may have heard of view-throughs at least in passing at conferences, presentations, or peer gatherings. Here is a quick summary of what view-throughs are: Continue reading