Online Display Advertising for Account-Based Marketing: What’s in It for B2B Sales Teams

Online Display Advertising for Account-Based Marketing: What’s in It for B2B Sales Teams

Online display advertising? Account-based marketing? These probably aren’t hot topics on the agenda at meetings for B2B sales reps. But they ought to be.

Considering how hard it is get into new enterprise accounts, online display advertising and account-based marketing offer powerful advantages. They’re especially valuable for B2B companies sell high-consideration products or services to big accounts.

If you sell innovative products or services, or if your company isn’t well-known in an industry segment you’re trying to enter, you’ll want to pay attention.  

B2B selling has gotten harder

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From Demand Gen To ABM: 5 New Rules for B2B Marketing

A few days ago, I was at an after party at the SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange 2016 conference in Austin. The best part of these live meets – you get a level of candor that rarely comes through in web meetings or conference calls with fellow B2B marketers.

One Senior Martech Product Leader said this about their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) plans: “Our (Enterprise) Customers are telling us that they’ve all the new product they need for now.” It turns out this Product Leader’s organization delivers an industry-leading marketing automation platform. However the platform has yet to offer core ABM capabilities. That said, their customers were quite happy (it seems) running traditional demand gen programs – tracking Leads, MQLs, and Sales Accepted Leads. All the “ABM” buzz seemed to have simply passed them by… Continue reading

3 Tips to Maximize ABM Display Ad Success

So you’re running ABM display campaigns. Your budget has been approved, you have chosen a provider, and your ads have launched. You’re golden, right? Well, not quite. Running your campaign is all well and good, but now you need to determine how to best measure your campaign in order to prove the results to management.

Below are three actionable tips that will help you get the most accurate and complete gauge on your ABM campaign performance as you run campaigns. These assume that you have some background in display — for more on the basics, check out our previous blog post, 13 Keys to Success: The Ultimate ABM Checklist.

1. Redefine Your Metrics.

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ABM Planning: What Makes a Great Vendor Discovery Call?

Yes, it is that time of the year again. It’s budgeting time for 2017 marketing technology & programs at many B2B companies. Your time is short. You don’t want to waste your colleagues’ time either, setting up ABM vendor calls that bomb. What can you do to keep the discovery process tight? What can we do as ABM tech providers to make it easier for you?

Here at Kwanzoo, we are talking with customers every day, and in constant touch with our partners and industry analysts. So we thought, why not share back a bit about what seems to make a Great ABM discovery call for us and our clients? A call where both parties come out feeling like it was time well spent. Where we hopefully want to continue the conversation, but even otherwise, wrap up on a positive note with the possibility of working together in the future. Continue reading