Why “Kwanzoo”? (Where did the name come from?)

We were sitting around, thinking up ideas for a cool website where we could hang out with friends. It had to be something different – not yet another social networking site! How about a game? But could we keep it friendly, stress-free? A place for everyone, from the truly passionate to the “I’m just here to chill” kind of person. A fun place to hang out?

We had to be different, and a whole lot better! We wanted a cool-sounding name for the site, which also meant something positive. And it came together in a completely unexpected way. We remembered this bit from the movie Jerry Maguire:

– the Kwan.

That’s your word?

Yeah, man, it means love, respect, community… and the dollars too. The package. The Kwan.

[We really liked the ideas summed up by "Kwan". The community made it social and fun. But we thought, what about "competition"? How do we work that in?]

From simplified Chinese:
Kwoon: a training hall for Chinese martial arts

Aha! Kwanzoo: a fun place to hang out, play trivia with friends. A place for social trivia games! We hope you like chilling out on Kwanzoo. It’s your site! We hope you have lots of fun playing!

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