T.V. Trivia: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Makes Comeback! …Sort Of.

There are some out there who regard me as something of a stoic figure, lacking in sentimentality, and they’re quite right. But I, much like the rest of you, was greatly saddened by the screwing by the network Mystery Science Theatre 3000 received. Between the shafting they got on Comedy Central, and the subsequent shafting they took from the Sci-Fi channel, it’s a wonder they can still walk.

But you can’t keep a good comic down, no matter how hard two separate networks can try, and thus, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 makes a comeback. Sort of.

Called Rifftrax, they’re basically MP3s that you can download–for a fee, naturally–that were designed to be played in sync with various films, including, among others, Jurassic Park, Cloverfield, and I Am Legend. These MP3s, naturally, are packed with the movie-specific humor that we’re used to from Mike and the Bots, and indeed, several of the original MST3K cast is back and doing Rifftrax right along with Mike.

Though for some reason, Joel is nowhere to be found. What, Mike–you can’t share the limelight with the Original Janitor? He may have been just another face in a red jumpsuit, but he was taking on the Mads long before YOU ever showed up!

You is a PUNK, sir. A PUNK.

But still…I haven’t actually managed to download one of these yet. And yet, I can’t help but think this was a fantastic idea. There’s absolutely no copyright issues to deal with here, no studios can possibly object or sue over it, and yet Mike and company get to give viewers what they’ve wanted all along–the Mistie treatment of modern craptacular cash grabs.

And in celebration of this newfound joy, let us all go forth and play Mystery Science Theatre 3000 trivia on Kwanzoo.

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