Movie Trivia: Romero’s Legendary “Bub” Comes Back From the Dead–Again??

This news is somewhat weird, but for Romero fans, it will absolutely blow your mind. I realize the headline somewhat gives it all away, but let me run it down for you.

Way back in the long-long-ago that was the 1980s, George Romero released what horror buffs thought would be his last zombie film, Day of the Dead. Though no one HOPED it would be his last, and indeed, it was not to be, it was still his last zombie movie for around about two decades. And in Day of the Dead, Romero introduced the “character” of Bub. Bub was a zombie that was being trained for domestication, and– far be it from me to spoiler!–it did NOT end well.

So it came as something of a shock when the Grand Old Man of Survival Horror, George Romero, recently said:

They’re no longer mine, and it’s very expensive. I can’t do like Steve King did with CASTLE ROCK. However, if i could get the permission…. there’s a character in my new script which could be become Bub, in other words, he would be alive now. But they’d probably want a lot of money for that. I’m bad with that business stuff (laughs).”

Which of course is enough to get every zombie fan’s heart a-racin’, but not enough to mean much in the long run. We’ll be waiting for clarification, naturally, but I couldn’t care less if Bub comes back or not. I’ll take Romero zombie movies any way he wants to offer them up. Let’s face it–Diary of the Dead was a spectacle of raw kickass, almost like that Powerthirst commercial on Youtube. I crave his next one like fat kids crave cake.

Come to think of it, I’d love some cake.

And until I can get some cake…or zombie movie, whichever, try the Dead series trivia on Kwanzoo. That’s almost as good.

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