Retargeting’s Best of the Best: The Year’s Top Posts

Retargeting continues to be an important strategy for boosting demand and accelerating the pipeline and sales for both B2B and “Considered Purchase” B2C marketers. As the year draws to a close, we thought it would be useful to put together the “Best Of” posts and webinars from around the web on Retargeting.

Just Getting Started

Are you new to retargeting? Start with these, so you get the basics down before you launch your first campaign:

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New Features – Enhanced Campaign Management, Managed Campaigns and Agency Support

We are pleased to announce three key features that are part of our latest release. These features are a result of our work with more enterprise customers, as well as their media agency and ad network partners. We also have built out some capabilities to streamline the process of running retargeting and display campaigns with multiple parties involved – our customers, in house marketing and demand generation teams, as well external agency partners and real-time-bidding (RTB) and ad networks partners.

1. Enhanced Campaign Process Management (December 2013)

Manage your entire retargeting and display campaign information in one place, within your Kwanzoo account, across your internal teams, and external agency and ad network partners.

Track campaign information such as launch dates, retargeting segment URLs, retargeting pixel code and more directly on the platform. Input media costs to instantly see ongoing campaign ROI based on captured leads-to-date, partial form fills and engagement. Enter advanced information for your campaign placement inside the Kwanzoo platform, as shown below for email retargeting. Save your campaign details for each campaign for easy campaign tracking and review.

Campaign Process Management Screenshot
Example: Run Campaign screen with email retargeting options dialog

Learn more about running campaigns in the Kwanzoo rich media platform.

2. NEW Managed Campaigns Interface (March 2014)

As a marketer, you can now selectively share metrics and information on individual campaigns with each of your media agency or ad network partners. Your partners can now be set up with their own Kwanzoo accounts, and can use these accounts to monitor and optimize your rich media campaigns through our new “Managed Campaigns” interface.

As an agency, your clients can build and launch rich media campaigns of their own for inbound marketing, while they work with you on outbound (paid media) campaigns. Your interface provides complete visibility, unified across ALL your client accounts and ongoing rich media campaigns, through our Managed Campaigns tab that is easily added into your account.

Managed Campaigns Interface Screenshot

new Managed Campaigns tab in the Kwanzoo platform

3. Agency Support (September 2014)

Several key features available to Kwanzoo’s customers (lead staging, lead data enrichment, and lead verification) are now available to the customer’s agency partners as well through a direct login by the agency partner into their own Kwanzoo account(s).


Increasing Display ROI: The Power of Viewable Impressions

Increasing Display ROI: The Power of Viewable Impressions

Why you should be tracking viewable impressions in your display ad campaigns.
Rich Media Poll forbes
Figure 1 – Ad served above-the-fold
Rich Media poll forbes
Figure 2 – Ad served below-the-fold
Figure 1 and Figure 2 are above-the-fold screenshots of a major news website – that is, screen shots of the part of the site that is immediately viewable upon loading, without scrolling down the page. An ad is pictured on the right-hand side of each of these screenshots. However, there is a key difference between the two ad placements.
Which of these ads are you more likely to click on? Figure 1, or Figure 2? To most, the answer would be quite apparent. Serving ads above the fold, or as ‘Viewable Impressions,’ will drive higher engagement and lower your media costs – even the most well-designed ad, targeted to an audience that’s well aligned with your brand, is unlikely to draw clicks when your prospect cannot see the ad in the first place! This post will go over different aspects of viewable impressions, from the official definition, to recent statistics on engagement for above-the-fold and below-the-fold ads, to measuring viewable impressions on the Kwanzoo platform, and optimizing campaigns using insights on ad viewability.

1. What is a viewable impression?

Viewable impressions are ad impressions served “above-the-fold.” The strict definition according to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is that at least 60% of the display ad is served above the fold, and is visible for at least 1 full second.

2. Why are viewable impressions important?

Statistics from several different sources point to the importance of viewable impressions. Only 20% of visitors to a site even travel below the page fold (Jakob Nielsen). Unsurprisingly, studies have found that viewable impressions score higher in developing brand recognition compared to ads that are not viewable. Most importantly, viewable ads simply get more clicks – ads placed above the fold get anywhere between 50% and 400% higher click-through rates, depending on the study.
So when you are budgeting for a campaign, paying more for media so you only serve ads above the fold, and ensuring you have an easy way to record and track viewable impressions across all display campaigns can increase your media efficiency and drive higher display ROI.

3. How can I see whether my campaigns are serving viewable impressions?

viewable impressions analytics kwanzoo
Kwanzoo Analytics
Kwanzoo’s rich media platform makes it easy to track and report on viewable impressions. These metrics are available for our campaigns under ‘Detailed Stats’ (shown above).
Additionally, more information is available in exported Excel reports under Analytics. Here, you can view other important metrics related to viewable impressions, such as % viewable impressions (of total served), and engagement as a % of viewable impressions compared to engagement as % of total impressions. You can quickly analyze the value of viewable impressions for your campaign by comparing the percent engagement for viewable impressions to engagement for overall impressions.

4. How can I use viewable impression statistics to optimize my display campaigns?

Most ad & retargeting networks, ad exchanges, buy-side platforms and media publishers today are only able to report on overall impressions, engagement (clicks) & conversions. Viewable impression reporting today is often “self reporting” by publishers. This has some real consequences for your media spend.
As an example, one of Kwanzoo’s customers recently launched a retargeting campaign using Kwanzoo rich media ads. About 2 weeks into campaign launch, Kwanzoo’s dashboard revealed that over 90% of the retargeted ad impressions were being served by the network below the fold! The customer was able to update their retargeted ad serving rules, so all future ad impressions would be served above the fold. While there is now this new rule for ad serving, a key part is customer verification of the ad placement by publishers. Kwanzoo provides this very valuable verification capability to customers today.

July Newsletter

New webinar series, Silverpop integration and more

Weekly Webinar: Accelerate Lead-to-Close with MAP-Powered Display Advertising

While marketing automation (MAP) platforms – Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop and
others – help you manage leads across your website and email channels, your prospects are everywhere on the web. In this webinar, we will review several case studies and a simple ROI modeler for display campaigns. We will show how new technology that connects display advertising to your MAP lead management process can deliver higher ROI.

Register now for one of our upcoming dates:

  • Thursday, July 25 – 1PM PT / 4PM ET
  • Thursday, August 1 – 10AM PT / 1PM ET
  • Thursday, August 8 – 1PM PT / 4PM ET

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Simplified Solutions and Pricing

We now offer three simplified Kwanzoo solutions, for every stage of the demand funnel:

  • Kwanzoo’s new solutions pages cover what we offer for top-of-funnel (Display and Re-targeting), mid-funnel (Nurture Programs) and lower-funnel (Persona-based Marketing).
  • Kwanzoo’s newly simplified pricing page makes it easy to choose the solution & pricing plan that is right for you as you get started.

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New Feature: Integration with Silverpop

For the first time, Kwanzoo now offers integration with Silverpop’s digital marketing technology, in addition to the Eloqua and Marketo MAP platforms.

Boost top-of-funnel leads and re-targeting conversions by 30% or more, while you eliminate landing pages and capture leads directly from display ads into Silverpop. Increase the efficiency of your media spend on display ads and re-targeting.
To learn more, contact us.

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