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New webinar series, Silverpop integration and more

Weekly Webinar: Accelerate Lead-to-Close with MAP-Powered Display Advertising

While marketing automation (MAP) platforms – Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop and
others – help you manage leads across your website and email channels, your prospects are everywhere on the web. In this webinar, we will review several case studies and a simple ROI modeler for display campaigns. We will show how new technology that connects display advertising to your MAP lead management process can deliver higher ROI.

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  • Thursday, July 25 – 1PM PT / 4PM ET
  • Thursday, August 1 – 10AM PT / 1PM ET
  • Thursday, August 8 – 1PM PT / 4PM ET

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Simplified Solutions and Pricing

We now offer three simplified Kwanzoo solutions, for every stage of the demand funnel:

  • Kwanzoo’s new solutions pages cover what we offer for top-of-funnel (Display and Re-targeting), mid-funnel (Nurture Programs) and lower-funnel (Persona-based Marketing).
  • Kwanzoo’s newly simplified pricing page makes it easy to choose the solution & pricing plan that is right for you as you get started.

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New Feature: Integration with Silverpop

For the first time, Kwanzoo now offers integration with Silverpop’s digital marketing technology, in addition to the Eloqua and Marketo MAP platforms.

Boost top-of-funnel leads and re-targeting conversions by 30% or more, while you eliminate landing pages and capture leads directly from display ads into Silverpop. Increase the efficiency of your media spend on display ads and re-targeting.
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The Kwanzoo Team

Generate More Leads from the Google Display Network (GDN)

Increasing top-of-funnel lead conversions is a top priority for most enterprise marketers.  Kwanzoo’s rich-media based lead generation ads support in-banner lead forms, that capture lead data directly in the ad unit, and then move them quickly into enterprise lead management systems.

Kwanzoo’s in-banner lead forms are now approved by Google to capture personally identifiable information (PII) directly within the ad unit, subject to certain guidelines. As a demand marketer, you now have Google’s large display inventory available to you, to help boost your lead conversions versus more traditional banner ad approaches.

Available Lead Generation Ad Flows

There are two principal opportunities for lead conversion optimization:

a)    Net New Leads at the Top-of-Funnel:
300×250 In-banner Lead Form, to replace Banner Ad + Landing Page.

b)    Accelerate Re-targeting Conversions:
300×250 In-Banner Lead Form, to replace a Re-targeting Banner
300×250 Rich Media Poll + Lead Form, to replace a Re-targeting Banner

Lead Generation Flow #1: In-Banner Lead Forms

Today’s Banner Ad Flow:

The typical banner ad lead conversion flow today requires the prospect to click on the ad, when she is taken to a landing page in a new browser window, away from the page and website where she may be browsing some content. This is a more intrusive experience, than the alternative experience that’s now available.

New Flow with Kwanzoo In-Banner Lead Form:

Here the prospect stays on the content page that he may be browsing, even as he interacts with your business or brand. The entire conversion funnel has now been moved up from the landing page into the ad unit.


Best Practice Recommendations:

  1. Take your best performing banner ad on GDN that includes a content offer.
  2. Change the flow so the banner ad call-to-action (CTA) instantly leads to the in-banner lead form, that is right behind the banner ad.
  3. Capture the most essential prospect information within the in-banner lead form, so you can start engaging the prospect later through lead nurturing.
  4. As you get started with your testing, consider an A/B test in a single GDN campaign of two versions of the lead form:
    1. Version A has the banner ad with message in front of the lead form
    2. Version B has the form immediately visible to the prospect (and the message to motivate the prospect is built right into the form).

Version A:

Version B:


Lead Generation Flow #2: Rich Media Poll with

In-Banner Lead Form

This flow provides a different way to engage prospects by presenting a well-crafted poll question. The poll motivates the user to select a response and vote, in order to be able to see real-time poll results and receive the content offer. The poll results screen can then lead the prospect to the in-banner lead form to opt-in and receive the content offer.

Note: This flow is only recommended for Re-targeting Impressions (and not for first-time engagement with a new prospect).


For more details on the various lead form requirements, guidelines, and Google’s specific policies, of if you have any questions and would like assistance setting up your Lead Generation Ads on GDN, contact us.

[Download] The 5 Steps to Engaging Nurture Programs

For our latest content piece, we’ve partnered with LeadMD to provide you with a helpful guide on how to build engaging nurture programs. For your own FREE copy, just fill out the quick download form below.

Lead nurturing is all about consistently communicating with prospects in a meaningful way, regardless of when they intend to buy. To help you build these meaningful relationships, we’ve compiled our top five suggestions for creating and improving your nurture programs.

In short, here are The Five Steps to Engaging Nurture Programs:

1.       Today:

Typical nurture programs

2.       Engagement:

Make your nurture programs more engaging with rich media

3.       Intelligence:

Capture prospect insights in MAP systems

4.       Reach:

Nurture programs can now extend beyond your website

5.       Personalization:

Map personas and accelerate the nurture process through higher relevance


For further details on each step, download our FREE guide (using the form above) or tune into our webinar, hosted by Kwanzoo CEO, Mani Iyer:

5 Steps to Engaging Nurture Programs

Thursday, February 7, 2013 8AM – 9AM PST / 11AM – 12PM EST

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Kwanzoo Sponsors Online Marketing Summit 2013 [UPDATED]

**See below for 5 New Ways to Accelerate Demand, presented at OMS 2013

Kwanzoo is a proud sponsor of this year’s Online Marketing Summit (OMS) in San Diego, held February 12-13th, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Center. Expected to have over 1,200 attendees, OMS strives to connect marketers and educate them on today’s greatest digital marketing challenges and opportunities (check out 7 reasons why you should attend).

Kwanzoo will be demoing our platform and all of our latest features (find us at booth # 327). Also, Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer will present 5 New Ways to Accelerate Demand at the OMS Innovation Theatre on Wednesday, February 13th from 4:30-4:50PM PST.

For all of you who wish to attend, we are offering 25% off Conference Passes for all Kwanzoo subscribers. Click here to contact us directly and we’ll send you the discount code.

Also, be sure to follow @Kwanzoo and @iyermani on Twitter for live updates from the conference.

Hope to see you there!

Kwanzoo Sponsors Eloqua Experience 2012

Kwanzoo is a proud sponsor of this year’s Eloqua Experience conference, to be held on November 6 – 8, 2012 at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL. This conference brings together over 1,500 seasoned marketers, speakers, and partners to discuss best practices, latest technologies, and innovative marketing strategies that every executive should be using. As a sponsor, Kwanzoo will be demoing all of its latest improvements and features, as well as how to enhance your Eloqua platform.

Come find us at the Kwanzoo booth or catch our live demo at the Partner Showcase at 4pm on Wednesday, November 7th.  You can also follow-us on Facebook and Twitter (#kwanzooEE)  for live updates from the conference.

Hope to see you there!

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