Kwanzoo November Release – New Features and Enhancements

All of us at Kwanzoo are excited to announce our November release, with several improvements, enhancements and new features.


Kwanzoo now provides support for removing known Eloqua contacts from your site, email or CRM retargeting pool. Our campaigns will now fire a retargeting conversion pixel that identifies known Eloqua contacts and removes them as soon as they are served ads. This enables more efficient media buying, which can now be limited to net-new prospects (who are not already in Eloqua). Kwanzoo Site Retargeting settings Kwanzoo advanced settings for Eloqua retargeting pixel

2. Wistia-powered Video Ads:

Upload videos into the Wistia video hosting platform. Serve video ads that use the Wistia player inside the ad (as an alternative to the Youtube player). The ads are cleaner now with no 3rd party branding such as the Youtube logo. Additionally, you can now capture ad activity data from your video ads into Eloqua custom data object (CDO) records for video ads including video total duration, video play duration, video overlay banner click, video overlay banner message. Kwanzoo Wistia support for video ads

3. Lead Staging Enhancements:

Marketers can now update contact/lead information that has already been posted through Kwanzoo’s in-banner form ads into their MAP/CRM through the Kwanzoo lead staging interface. Update lead form fields (entered by the prospect in a live ad), additional fields (e.g. lead source, lead source detail set by a marketer), and data append fields (e.g. city, state, country) even after the lead or contact has been initially posted into MAP/CRM through Kwanzoo. Lead Staging - Lead Edit

4. IMPROVED Foreign Language Creative:

We now support editing Privacy Policy and Terms links text in different local languages (Spanish, French, German, Thai, and more.). Edit up to 18 characters of Privacy text, 13 characters of Terms of Service text, with a tool tip to display longer text strings to the user. Multi language privacy policy options

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