Kwanzoo Blog Carnival: Turns Out It’s Man

Taking the top spot this month, Paul writes a lengthy essay on why TV networks keep shooting themselves in the foot by prematurely cancelling good shows.

Ozone submits a Q and A session with the winner of the World Series of Poker 2008, Peter Eastgate. This one is a little outside of our usual subjects, but it’s an interesting look at the game, and hey, it’s televised, so…

Tony Huynh writes a solid list of the top games in each genre. He even sacks up and gives the first Halo its due, which a lot of the more snobbish people who make these lists are not always willing to do.

Eclipse writes in with “The Problems with MMORPGS: Part II,” holds up Xenogears as a good game. Jeremy Parish feels a vague sense of unease, but soon returns to what he was doing.

Mac submits a celebrity roundup. Skunk Anansie is reforming, apparently.

Vaprak submits the top 10 Star Wars quotes. I’m going to have to take extreme issue with the fact that four of these are from the prequels.

Naomi writes from England with Danial Craig meeting Princes William and Harry for the Bond premiere. Presumably the multiplicative effect had girls swooning a block away.

The site Quest For The One submits a short but unfavorable review of Zack & Miri Make a Porno.

Satellite TV Guru writes a brief rundown on the drama surrounding the final season of Scrubs.

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