How to Set Up Account Lists for ABM Display

Are you running ABM display programs (display ads directed at your list of target accounts)? If so, there are 5 key questions you should be asking your ABM display partners BEFORE you launch a program:

1. Which accounts on your master account list are reachable?
2. How many accounts can you target for a set budget?
3. Which accounts are being served your ads (and how many impressions)?
4. How many (more) accounts are engaging via ads and on your website?
5. How many new opportunities are in your CRM from your target accounts?

This post will answer the first of these questions — how you can find out the number of reachable accounts (accounts you will be able to serve ads to) on your target account list. At Kwanzoo, we encourage you to get this exact information from us through a complimentary Account Coverage Report.

This question is critical when planning your campaign, because the real details and number of reachable accounts should guide your ABM display program planning. You will want to select the right mix of accounts from your reachable account set so as to meet your goals around delivering engaged accounts in sufficient numbers to your sales team(s). It also directly correlates to your program’s ultimate success in reaching your goals around increasing  awareness and accelerating your pipeline.

This post assumes you have already finalized a process for choosing your list of target accounts for ABM display; for more on that, see the Business Case for ABM Ebook.

1.     Formatting your target account list: Essential Fields

In order for Kwanzoo to process your list for ABM display and provide coverage information, there are 2 pieces of required information to be included in your list: the Account Name, and the  IP or Website Domain. These are required in order to match your list either via IP or  cookie-based targeting. 

2.     Formatting your target account list: Geo Data

There are three additional fields that are highly recommended in order to improve the precision of your targeting  (especially for ABM IP programs). These are all geo data fields: IP Geo City, IP Geo State, and IP Geo Country.

Including Geo Data fields helps IP targeting as follows: if you want to target the headquarters of a company located in the UK, for example, including the geo data helps you avoid wasting extraneous ad impressions on employees of that account located at field offices in South America or Asia.

3.     Segmenting your target account list: Account Category

The Account Category field allows you to input one or more Category Tags. These tags can be used with ABM display programs to help you to segment your account list and make reporting easier by segment. For example, segments can be set up by geographic region, industry, company size, account tier, or by Account Owner(s), as below.

Here are some typical ways to segment your account list:

  • Geographic region (ie NAM, EMEA, LATAM, APAC, ANZ)
  • Account tier (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)
  • Industry (Software, Financial Services)
  • Company Size (100-500, 501-1000, 1001-5000, 5000+)
  • Account Type (SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise)
  • Account Owner(s)

4.     Formatting your target account list: Title Specs

For ABM Job Title Targeting (JTT) programs, that use cookie-based targeting, in tab 2 of your account list template, you can include what we call ‘Title Specs’. These are Job Title data specs, which allow you to narrow down your campaign to the most relevant individuals at each account based  on a few fields of Job Title data.

The four fields of Title Specs that can be provided are:

  •         Job Function (HR, Finance, Marketing)
  •         Job Level (Manager+, Director+, C-Level, etc)
  •         Job Title (CTO, VP of Demand Generation, Senior Director of Marketing)
  •         Job Interest (Computer Security, Information Security)

We use this information to identify your best-fit audience segment and cookies available for targeting through our data partners.

5.     Your Complimentary Account Coverage Report

Once your account list is setup in your templates, the last step is to send it to your ABM display provider to get exact numbers for the reachability of your accounts for your display programs.

Here at Kwanzoo we provide this information back to you via our Account Coverage Report, which gives you exact info on which accounts can be reached and the overall reachable percentage of your target account list via IP or cookie targeting. We would also schedule an ABM consultation call, where you receive our recommendations on how to setup and launch the programs to optimize your media budget, and can instantly provide a program budget (with fully-loaded costs) along with expected outcomes, for you to review internally with your management and colleagues.

Check out the video below for more info on exactly how Kwanzoo’s Account Coverage Report process works:

Have more questions? Just Contact Us.

Wishing you lots of ABM program success in 2017!


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