Kwanzoo News Update – July 2011

This month has been a constant stream of news on …..Google+ (or Google Plus). A lot has been said (already). But what’s been missing? How about what Google+ could do for enterprise marketers? Read on…

Looking Ahead – Google+, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and Enterprise Marketing

How can Google+ reshape Enterprise marketing as we know it? Can it shake up the current social platform world order of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Get our take on it here.

Social Media Marketing Summit, San Francisco

We will be there! Will you? Kwanzoo is a Silver Sponsor. That simply means we get to demo our cool SaaS marketing platform to all you fellow marketers! Please stop by and say hello…

Updated Website Content

The Kwanzoo website has lots of new content for you! Our Solution Pages have detailed use cases. Check out our Product Pages to a quick overview of our offerings. And you can see where we have been featured lately, and what events are on our list, on our News & Events Page.

How Do We Compare?

You can compare us against a range of other marketing applications and tools here.

Engagement Marketing Explained

The Kwanzoo blog has been refreshed with news, updates, best practice tips, and our thoughts on engagement marketing done right. Come stop by, and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Kwanzoo Rocks It with Edelman Digital, Google, TheFind and Slideshare

Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer moderated a panel discussion on Social Media: Trends and Directions, on July 20th in Cupertino. The panel included Jon Boutelle, CTO Slideshare; Dave Cook, VP Marketing, TheFind Inc; Michael Brito, SVP, Edelman Digital and Punit Soni, Product Management, Google Plus Mobile and Social. Great panel, with lots of twitter buzz and positive feedback.

Simplified Pricing and Service Plans

Our new, simplified pricing plans are now live! Each plan has generous impression limits, unlimited campaign activation. Our Silver Plans start at just $249/month. More details here>

Need some help building multi channel campaigns? Check out our service plans here>

New Feature! Split Surveys

We have extended the concept of splitting the engagement experience for users with a Kwanzoo marketing unit. We already allow marketers to split a single question poll experience across a web placement and a landing page. That option is now also available for multi-question surveys. You can push the entire survey experience for the user, including the actual lead capture and white paper download entirely to the publisher placement (at the “top of the funnel”). Skip the landing page entirely, and drive more leads!

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Kwanzoo News Update – June 2011

This month, we have new best practices content, simplified pricing plans, and several new service plans to fit any budget, that can get you up and running quickly on Kwanzoo. Read on…

Our BMA Presentation Rocked It On SlideShare

We presented detailed case studies on best practices around B2B Viral and Word-of-mouth Marketing at the BMA eMarketing Roundtable. We then posted the presentation on SlideShare only to see it zoom to the home page within minutes!

Marketing a conference or event? Do you want to learn about how you can:

  • double attendee reach from email campaigns?
  • generate net new attendee sales with 3X ROI or more?
  • realize more than 10X ROI?

Get some brain food from our BMA eMarketing Presentation here>

Event on Social Media Trends and Directions

Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer will moderate a panel discussion on Social Media: Trends and Directions, on July 20th in Cupertino. The panel will include a CMO, an Industry Analyst, a Social Platform Executive and a Senior Agency Executive. For more information and to register, click here>

Website Update

The Kwanzoo website is getting a makeover! Solution Pages with detailed use cases for B2B, B2C and Events, Multiple Product Pages, a spruced up Blog Home Page are all on their way. Watch our Twitter feed @Kwanzoo in July as we announce site updates!

Simplified Pricing Plans

We listened to our customers, and we acted. New, simplified pricing plans are now live! We have increased the per plan impression limits, and removed restrictions on campaign activation. Now every Kwanzoo Subscription Plan allows you to activate as many campaigns as you’d like! Our Silver Plans start at just $249/month. All current customers will continue on their existing pricing plans and limits, unless they choose to upgrade. More details here>

Three Ways To Go – You Build, Get A Little Help and We Build

We now offer three ways for our customers to use Kwanzoo:

  • You Build – If you have all the in-house resources you need, and you want to simply use our platform to build and run highly engaging multichannel creatives and campaigns, this is the plan for you. All you pay for is the subscription fees to access the platform.
  • Get A Little Help – You would like to do it mostly on your own, and would like just a few hours of help from us on best practices, and smart campaign & creative execution. Or if you want us to build out the very first smart creative for you, after brainstorming the idea with us. Once it’s built, you can take it all in-house…
  • We Build – You simply do not have the time or resource, and want us to do it all. We give you turn-key, fixed fee pricing for as many campaigns per month as you’d like, so it’s easy for you to budget by month or quarter.

Check out our service plans here >

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Kwanzoo News Update – May 2011

This month, Kwanzoo welcomed several new clients, including a new marketing initiative at SAP!

We are glad to see Kwanzoo gathering momentum with B2B, B2C and Event marketers across industry categories. Our briefing call with the Pedowitz Group saw very positive reviews! And we are pleased to release several new features this month.

TiEcon 2011 Campaigns Deliver 10X ROI

Kwanzoo customer TiEcon 2011 used our incentive-driven Tell-a-Friend units and Smart Survey units to drive their word-of-mouth marketing and conference sales. TiE is a global organization for entrepreneurs, with a well-attended annual conference in Silicon Valley. We linked their email campaigns to social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in an innovative way that saw them:

  • double their attendee reach from email campaigns
  • generate net new attendee sales with 3X ROI and
  • realize more than 10X ROI!

Want to get all the drill-down detail? We are putting together an Event Marketing eBook. If you would like your own copy of the eBook as soon as it’s available, just register here.

TiEcon Conference Highlights

This month we attended “the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs” at the Santa Clara Convention Center. With 3,400 attendees, amazing keynotes, full Expo floor and 2 days of great sessions across 5 technology verticals, it’s hard to beat! Kwanzoo demos were very popular with startups and corporate marketing execs. Haven’t seen a demo yet? Schedule a live demo>

300+ B2B Marketers at DemandCon

The inaugural DemandCon saw a over 300 B2B marketers at the Hilton in San Francisco for 2 days. Our CEO, Mani Iyer lead a discussion on B2B word-of-mouth marketing and social media. It was a spirited discussion around LinkedIn, and it’s role in B2B demand generation, among other topics. Even more exciting were conversations in our booth with B2B marketers from top companies. Kwanzoo’s ability to widen the funnel (by extending placements across more channels, and easy social sharing) and accelerate prospects through the funnel (with rapid data capture using Smart Polls and Surveys) was greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more customer announcements in the near future!

Catch Us At These Upcoming Events

Join Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer at the Business Marketing Association (BMA) eMarketing Rountable on June 9th as he presents a range of tactics for B2B Viral Engagement and Word-of-Mouth marketing, with lessons learned from TiEcon, DemandCon and Conversion Conference. Register here!

Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer has been invited to a Focus Roundtable on Multichannel Demand Generation. These are 45 minute teleconference calls with a Moderator and 2 to 3 expert speakers. Follow @kwanzoo on Twitter for more information.

Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer has been invited to moderate a panel discussion on Social Media for Businesses: Trends and Directions on June 29th at the TiE Event Center. Come join us if you’re in the area.

New Features!

  • Eloqua Email User Tracking: Track and correlate the actions of individual users who receive an Eloqua lead nurturing email, and engage with an embedded Kwanzoo smart poll, survey, social promotion or opt-in. It’s now really easy to gather data and augment an Eloqua lead record.
  • Per Question Answer Distribution for Survey Results: Our “My Campaigns” screens just got richer. You could already get answer distribution for a single-question poll. We have now added this capability for multi-question surveys. It’s really easy!
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) Certification: Kwanzoo was already certified on the Google Display Network (formerly the Google Content Network). We are now also certified on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. You now have lots of new media inventory available for your Kwanzoo campaigns, with real-time bidding thrown in to save you money!
  • AdRoll Certified for Re-targeting: We were already certified for re-targeting campaigns on We are now also certified on Adroll, providing another re-targeting option for our clients. Use a different re-targeting platform? Just let us know, and we can quickly make sure you can use Kwanzoo on that platform too!
  • Amazon Simple Email Support: All of our application email alerts are now generated and delivered using Amazon’s robust, reliable Simple Email Service (SES). If you’re geeky and care to know more about why we made the switch, drop us a note!

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Kwanzoo News Update – April 2011

Customers are Using Kwanzoo with Eloqua to increase ROI

Kwanzoo customers Clickability and DemandCon are embedding Kwanzoo’s smart marketing units inside their Eloqua lead nurturing emails to increase their marketing ROI. Clickability has just launched embedded smart polls inside their emails. DemandCon is promoting their upcoming conference in San Francisco using Kwanzoo’s in-email smart share (or Tell-a-Friend) and smart-quiz based survey units.

ad:tech Conference – Surveys Done Right and Wrong

This month we attended “the largest gathering of digital marketers!” ad:tech San Francisco. It was a vibrant and exciting show – for YouTube videos of the conference click here.

We spent some time speaking with fellow attendees. Everyone was looking for ways to improve engagement with their target audiences – sound familiar? One tactic of interest is in-email surveys. What was interesting though, was how little was being done to complete the circle once users engage with a survey. With Kwanzoo’s smart quiz-based surveys, you can go beyond simply engaging a prospect. You can Engage, Qualify and Convert! Read more >>

Catch Us At These Events

Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer is speaking on the DemandCon Expert Panel on the “Top of the Funnel” Demand Generation Forum at DemandCon 2011 San Francisco, May 18-20. You can also catch a Kwanzoo demo in the Expo area.

Come visit us in the Social/Internet Pavilion at the TiEcon 2011 Expo. We will be giving Kwanzoo demos to 1000s of startups, investors, VCs, and corporate marketers and executives.

New Features!

Eloqua Support: Easily embed Kwanzoo smart polls, quizzes/surveys, social shares and opt-ins inside Eloqua lead nurturing emails. Engage users everywhere, then capture lead data directly inside Eloqua. Want to learn more? Check out this blog post >>

Facebook Landing Pages: You can now engage users inside email, then direct them to your Facebook Page that can serve as a landing page for you! So start a poll or quiz/survey-based interaction inside email, and continue the engagement on Facebook. It’s really easy!

Improved Campaign Building: We have refined the interaction flow inside Kwanzoo, so building and running campaigns is a whole lot easier for you.

Ready to launch a Kwanzoo campaign?