Kwanzoo November Release – New Features and Enhancements

All of us at Kwanzoo are excited to announce our November release, with several improvements, enhancements and new features.


Kwanzoo now provides support for removing known Eloqua contacts from your site, email or CRM retargeting pool. Our campaigns will now fire a retargeting conversion pixel that identifies known Eloqua contacts and removes them as soon as they are served ads. This enables more efficient media buying, which can now be limited to net-new prospects (who are not already in Eloqua). Kwanzoo Site Retargeting settings Kwanzoo advanced settings for Eloqua retargeting pixel Continue reading

Introducing Video Lead Form Ads

We are pleased to announce an Industry-first rich media capability from Kwanzoo, viz:
Video Lead Form Ads

Try a live demo of our Video Lead Form ad unit:

Why are Video Lead Form Ads interesting? Quite simply, they allow you to:

1. Engage your prospects and customers with compelling marketing and training videos directly inside ad units
2. Serve up the ads everywhere (from ad networks, ad exchanges and media publisher sites to website landing pages, Facebook pages, community sites, blogs, partner sites and more.)
3. Present a banner overlay ad on top of your video to prompt a call-to-action.
4. As users click through the banner overlay, or finish watching the video, present a form right inside your ad unit. Collect lead information, and directly drop the data into Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, Salesforce or Oracle Fusion CRM.

In addition to the information available on our products page, we are hosting an informational webinar on Video Lead Forms on Sep 5th, 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST. Sign up on our landing page.