The 2014 Marketing Tech Supergraphic: Key Takeaways for Demand Marketers

Enterprise marketers, whether B2B or B2C, will tell you that Marketing Tech is one confusing space. And we have a new Supergraphic from Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec) that confirms the explosion of marketing tech, with 947 companies, in 43 categories, across 6 major classes!

It’s no wonder that CMOs want their teams to get more savvy about marketing technology. The challenge for marketers is to not get overwhelmed and make the right tech investments at the right time. Get more done with less, simplify their lives, and simultaneously demonstrate compelling marketing ROI to their management.

How to Use the Supergraphic for B2B

Here at Kwanzoo, we have engaged with demand marketers at 100s of mid-to-large enterprises over the past 3+ years. We believe the Supergraphic provides B2B marketers with a nice structured way to look at the (level of) marketing technology adoption at their company. For us at Kwanzoo, we find it also provides a nice way to frame our platform capabilities, as they relate to what customers are seeking in different categories of marketing technology. The Supergraphic makes the conversation easier for both B2B marketers and marketing tech providers.

Chief Martec supergraphic
click to view the ChiefMartec Supergraphic

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