Kwanzoo Exhibits at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 [and the 50 PowerBank Giveaway]

Kwanzoo is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference, to be held on September 28 to October 2, 2014 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. This conference brings together over 60,000 business and technology professionals from around the world to discuss best practices, latest technologies, and innovations in marketing across the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Continue reading

Kwanzoo Company Update: New Challenges, New Opportunities

Its been a interesting time for us here at Kwanzoo. In early 2008 we were busy building a website for Entertainment Fans to come play trivia games on We then built out Kwanzoo quiz widgets. We experimented with Kwanzoo Gadgets on iGoogle, Kwanzoo widgets on WidgetBox.

The idea was to give our users an easy way to take our quizzes with them, no matter where they wanted to be, on their personal Blog, their Facebook page, Myspace profile, and so on.

Take The Content To Our Users

As time went on, we concluded that we had all this great content and instead of waiting for users to find us, or to bring their friends over to us, we should take our quizzes and content to them instead, no matter where they were around the web.

We worked hard on turning Kwanzoo into a quiz-based ad platform. We lined up partnerships with Glam Media and, so we could serve our quizzes over on those networks and platforms. Kwanzoo quizzes are available with in-widget ads to users on the Glam network. Kwanzoo quizzes are available for brand campaigns on the Meebo platform.

We launched Kwanzoo at Digital Hollywood in October, and got written up by TechCrunch, MediaPost, PC Magazine Online, and several other blogs and publications. Our launch featured our successes around brand advertising, advertiser sponsored quizzes and quiz-based brand ads.

As The Economy Turns

As the economy turned we saw advertisers increasingly move their focus from simply brand awareness to CPA/CPL and tangible ROI, more than ever before. We saw a clear trend to performance advertising and online/affiliate marketing, in order to drive customer leads and product sales. We decided to spend the last part of 2008 building out a rich personality quiz creation capability for our clients and partners to facilitate their new focus and areas of interest.

We have continued to build and develop a number of industry partnerships the past several months since our launch. We have been at industry trade shows including AdTech NY, Affiliate Summit and Leadscon. Our fearless team of blog writers has written a number of blog posts to explain our growing bank of personality quizzes. Please see the end of this post for links to sample personality quizzes.

More Quizzes Across Many More Verticals

We diversified from our large bank of over 50,000 entertainment quiz questions, to personality quizzes in a number of new verticals and domains, including education, personal finance, fashion, shopping, health & fitness, retail, food/cuisine, consumer software, business-to-business and more.

Media Planning and SEM Services

We have expanded from being solely an interactive ad technology platform provider to developing relationships with top-tier SEM and Media Planning service providers. This allows us to provide end-to-end solutions for our clients and partners, from planning a quiz-based interactive lead generation campaign or user acquisition campaign to its execution and management over leading ad networks, including the Google Content Network (GCN), Yahoo, AOL-Platform A and Fox Interactive. The Kwanzoo Platform was recently certified as a third party ad vendor on a major ad network (formal announcement coming soon).

We now offer a suite of interactive ad and quiz widget offerings in the following areas across all major industry verticals:

– Online & Affiliate Marketing
– Lead Generation / Website Monetization
– User and Lead Acquisition over Ad networks
– Brand Engagement

So what can we do for you? Drop us a note! We look forward to hearing from you!

Sample Personality Quizzes:

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The Student Money-saving Quiz
Digital Cameras
What’s Your Ideal Digital Camera? quiz
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Gaming Devices
The Gaming Device Quiz
Set-top Boxes
Which Set-top Box is Right For You? quiz
What’s Your Anime Genre? quiz
What’s Your Anime Archetype? quiz
What Marvel Hero Are You? quiz
Entertainment Choices – Movies, Live Performances, Concerts, Sporting Events, etc
What Kind of Movie Fan Are You? quiz
Guide to New Music quiz
Video Games
What Kind of Gamer Are You? quiz
What’s Your Shopping Style? quiz
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – clothing, jewelry, flower, cookies, edibles, etc.
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Health & Fitness
How Health-Conscious Are You? quiz
Fitness Equipment
What’s Your Ideal Workout? quiz
Vitamins and Supplements
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Gardening equipment
What Garden Should You Grow? quiz
Personal Finance
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Skis and Snowboards
Software and Computer Security
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