Kwanzoo Exhibits at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 [and the 50 PowerBank Giveaway]

Kwanzoo is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference, to be held on September 28 to October 2, 2014 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. This conference brings together over 60,000 business and technology professionals from around the world to discuss best practices, latest technologies, and innovations in marketing across the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Continue reading

2012 Recap, Looking Ahead to 2013

As 2012 comes to an end and B2B marketers start planning and thinking ahead to 2013, it’s helpful to look back on the highlights, acquisitions, and big announcements of the past year and see what they mean for the future.

Oracle acquires Eloqua

A tectonic shift happened in the Marketing Automation world today! Kwanzoo has been an Eloqua Appcloud partner since mid-2011. We will have our own thoughts on what this means for B2B marketing and the industry overall, in the coming days.

Marketo acquired Crowd Factory & Launched LaunchPoint

It has been a great year for Marketo, and we’re proud to be one of their Technology Partners.  Back in April, they acquired Crowd Factory, a leader in the Social Campaign Management space, to “ deliver the world’s first integrated solution for Social Marketing Automation (view our previous blog post for details.)

Most recently, Marketo also unveiled LaunchPoint, a complete ecosystem of marketing solutions (e.g Kwanzoo for Display). Now, with over 2000 customers and dozens of partners, they’ve proved themselves an invaluable resource and tool for B2B and B2C marketers. Their world will change with the Oracle/Eloqua acquisition. More on that soon.

Salesforce’s Acquisitions Keep Coming

Although initially known for their CRM, Salesforce has been making waves in the social enterprise arena through various acquisitions, and 2012 was no exception:

  • Buddy Media (May 2012)
  • Stypi (May 2012)
  • ChoicePass (June 2012)
  • Thinkfuse (June 2012)
  • GoInstant (July 2012)

ExactTarget IPO’d and Acquired Pardot & iGoDigital

Needless to say, this has also been a big year for marketing software giant ExactTarget. Not only did they go public in March, but they also acquired Pardot and iGoDigital. These acquisitions  not only make ExcatTarget a larger competitor, but they also add to the consolidation that has been occurring in the space, with small competitors, such as Radian6, Aprimo, Inc, and CheetahMail Inc, being acquired by bigger players, such as Salesforce, Teradata, and Experian Group.

LinkedIn added a new Ads API

Recently, LinkedIn released a much-requested feature: a new Ads API. With initial API partners such as Adobe, Bizo, and Unified, the goal was enabling custom tools for large-scale campaigns.

Eloqua Went Public

Eloqua’s successful IPO had a significant impact on validating the marketing automation space, and even the marketing software industry as a whole. It proved that the space is growing incredibly quickly, causing investors to take careful note.

Oracle Aquired Involver

Summer 2012 also marked the acquisition of Involver by Oracle. According to them, the “the combination of Involver with Oracle is expected to create the most advanced and comprehensive cloud-based social solution, across marketing, sales and service touch points. Our technology is expected to extend Oracle’s social platform to help customers more easily and cost-effectively collaborate and build engaging applications and social experiences across social networks and the Open Graph.”

Google Acquired Wildfire

Google acquisitions tend to always be a big deal, and their late July acquisition of Wildfire was no different. At the price of $350 million, Google can now also sell Facebook and Twitter marketing services.

Adobe Acquired Efficient Frontier

Back towards the beginning of 2012, Adobe announced its acquisition of Efficient Frontier, “a leader in optimizing multi-channel and auction-based digital advertising across search, display and social media.” This was a great addition to the Adobe digital marketing suite of products because it allows customers to better forecast, execute, and optimize  cross-channel ad campaigns.

What Does All  This Mean for Kwanzoo and Our Customers?

Kwanzoo’s demand acceleration platform integrates with the leaders in MAP (Eloqua and Marketo) and CRM (Salesforce) to enable integrated, rich-media marketing campaigns.  We uniquely connect MAP/CRM/Email systems to display advertising (Google Display Network, and other ad and re-targeting networks). No matter what platform changes occur across your enterprise infrastructure, you will derive significant operational savings, as well as higher marketing ROI, by using Kwanzoo to build truly integrated, cross-channel campaigns.

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Start the year off right! Join us on January 10th for this FREE BrightTALK webinar:

5 New Ways to Accelerate Demand

Jan 10, 2013 8:00AM PST (Register Now!) – 45 min

Kwanzoo CEO, Mani Iyer, will discuss five new ways to engage prospects, gain insights accelerate demand, and grow your revenues.

Accelerate Demand with Eloqua and Marketo: Power Guides & Demos

Kwanzoo is pleased to sponsor Eloqua Experience 2012 as an  Eloqua Appcloud Partner. We are also excited about joining Marketo’s new Partner ecosystem, Marketo LaunchPoint. For all of you looking to accelerate and optimize your demand across all online channels, Kwanzoo is here to help with 2 FREE guides:

5 New Ways to Accelerate Demand and The Power Guide to In-Banner Lead Forms.

With 5 New Ways to Accelerate Demand, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Capture leads everywhere without landing pages
  2. Make nurture programs more engaging and effective
  3. Deliver relevance to individual buyers with every interaction
  4. Arm your sales team with data insights in real-time
  5. Tap mobile as a new B2B demand channel

On the other hand, for a more in-depth look into in-banner lead forms, our Power Guide to In-Banner Lead Forms will teach you:

  • What prospects really want
  • How to capture leads without landing pages
  • What in-banner lead forms actually are and what they look like
  • Why you should care
  • Quick tips on how to best to use in-banner lead forms
  • Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind

Both guides are available for download directly from the conference portal at Eloqua Experience 2012 (Nov 6-8).

You can also find them at the Kwanzoo booth #229, where CEO Mani Iyer will be demoing all of Kwanzoo’s latest features, such as Real-Time Data Append (This feature let’s you benefit even further from in-banner lead forms by giving you the ability to append data from Data Providers (Netprospex and ZoomInfo), to deliver a more complete prospect profile to your Lead Management System (Eloqua, Marketo, or Salesforce.)

Not attending the conference? Or visiting us from the Eloqua AppCloud or Marketo LaunchPoint?

Fill out our short form on the right to download your copy of 5 New Ways to Accelerate Demand, or contact us directly to schedule a live demo or get a copy of our other guides.


Kwanzoo Sponsors Eloqua Experience 2012

Kwanzoo is a proud sponsor of this year’s Eloqua Experience conference, to be held on November 6 – 8, 2012 at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL. This conference brings together over 1,500 seasoned marketers, speakers, and partners to discuss best practices, latest technologies, and innovative marketing strategies that every executive should be using. As a sponsor, Kwanzoo will be demoing all of its latest improvements and features, as well as how to enhance your Eloqua platform.

Come find us at the Kwanzoo booth or catch our live demo at the Partner Showcase at 4pm on Wednesday, November 7th.  You can also follow-us on Facebook and Twitter (#kwanzooEE)  for live updates from the conference.

Hope to see you there!

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Turn On Kwanzoo in July and You Could Win an IPad2 from Eloqua

Do you have your iPad2 yet? Even if you have one, how would you like an extra iPad2 that you can give to someone in the family? Or to a friend? Play games, read news and books, download business, utility and presentation apps like SlideShark to show off your latest marketing presentation! So where could you win this new iPad2? Kwanzoo is an Eloqua Appcloud Partner. And this month, Eloqua is running their It-Only-Takes-One Promotion so they have more Eloqua customers trying apps in their AppCloud.

Eloqua It Only Takes 1 Sweepstakes for AppCloud Adoption

Eloqua It Only Takes 1 Sweepstakes

Sign up as a new Kwanzoo customer on any of our paid plans by August 1. You will automatically be entered into the Eloqua “It Only Takes One” Sweepstakes. See here for the rules. Note: You must also be an Eloqua customer to qualify. You could win 1 of 2 iPad2s to be awarded to two lucky winners from the pool of eligible entries.

Contact us for a demo, and we will set you up with a 14 day free trial to get started. We know you really don’t need an iPad2 as an incentive to start using Kwanzoo!

But when Eloqua is giving a couple of iPad2s away, and you have been thinking about trying out Kwanzoo anyway, why not give it a try now? 🙂

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