LinkedIn Buys Bizo: What Does It Mean for B2B Marketing?

We all heard some exciting news this week from our friends at Bizo. After a 6 year journey, they were acquired for $175M by LinkedIn. As fellow travelers serving a growing audience of B2B marketers, we have gotten to know the Bizo folks well.

Both Bizo and Kwanzoo were early participants in the Oracle Appcloud. We have both been innovating where display meets marketing automation. We talk often at industry conferences. We serve mutual B2B customers, with display campaigns on the Bizo network powered by Kwanzoo rich media ads, as well as by Kwanzoo’s use of Bizo data through real-time-bidding (RTB) platforms for our clients.

We think the Bizo acquisition by LinkedIn will impact the overall B2B advertising market in several  interesting ways. While LinkedIn clearly has some strategic goals, we see some tactical disruption in the market that B2B marketers will want to know about. First a quick deal recap.

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Predictive Modeling for Top-of-Funnel B2B Demand Generation

Over the past few months, we have been watching with great interest several new companies in the “predictive analytics” space. We have met with several of them at the recent Marketo Summit 2014 in San Francisco, and the SiriusDecisions Summit 2014 in Orlando.

During these summits, we spoke with the companies to see how we could generate predictive B2B target account lists and contact lists for our customers as follows:
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3 Ways to Boost Top-of-funnel Leads Using In-banner Forms

By now you have probably heard about Kwanzoo’s in-banner lead form technology, which allows you to collect leads in a form directly inside your ad unit to boost top-of-funnel leads. In-banner form ads can deliver significantly higher lead conversions versus redirecting users to landing pages using traditional banner ads.

Here at Kwanzoo, we have gathered some unique insights running retargeting and display campaigns with in-banner forms across B2B and B2C. The following are 3 quick tips for increasing top-of-funnel lead captures using in-banner form ads:

Zend In-Banner Lead Forms
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From 15 to One: Simple and Versatile Demand Marketing

Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec) has just released his new 2014 Marketing Technology Supergraphic with 947 companies, in 43 categories, across 6 major classes! We are excited for Kwanzoo to be placed in the “Display Advertising” category within the Marketing Experiences class.

As Scott himself points out, many solutions can fall in more than one category. Although he had to pick one category in which to place each company, we took a closer look, and realized that Kwanzoo in fact has capabilities spanning 15 (!) categories including Video Ads and Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and Marketing Analytics (see picture below).

Kwanzoo Tech Infographic
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A B2B Marketing Manifesto for 2014

Kwanzoo is kicking off the new year with our own B2B Marketing Manifesto. We are passionate about building marketing technology that our customers will want to use every day. And we are also B2B marketers ourselves.

man·i·fes·to [man-uh-fes-toh]
noun, plural man·i·fes·toes
a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government,sovereign, or organization.

We are a small B2B marketing team here at Kwanzoo. Here is a short, 5 point manifesto we want to hold ourselves to, and learn from in the year ahead.

1. Step outside every day, and think outside the box.

As marketers, we play a critical role, working closely with sales, in driving the company’s revenue engine. Doing the same thing over and over again will not change the end result. So we will take our head out of the daily grind, snap out of the here-and-now, and take some time out, every day. Lead gen campaigns not working? Email engagement falling? Pipeline slowing down? No matter what the issue, we will give ourselves the time to think, and to try something different.

2. Know what you know, and what you don’t know. Then seek help from the experts.

People who are expert at things we don’t know are worth their weight in gold. We will invest the time to get to know them and nurture them – be it at live events, in online communities, over social media, or through emails. We will review their tweets, listen to their webinars, read their posts, find out what they read, and learn what they’re learning. That will help us gain more knowledge more quickly than we ever thought was possible.

3. The best things in life are not free. Everyone, and their time, deserves respect.

Whether it’s technology that’s offered to us, access to someone’s time, or their expertise, it’s always worth more than we might think. It’s just that often we don’t know yet! If it’s technology, we need to remember that it took someone countless hours and costs developing it. If it’s expertise, they gained it over many years, after lots of hard work. We will respect their investment. We will pay them fairly, however they want to get paid (in cash, kudos, trade, referrals, advice that they value, help back, or pay it forward). We will remember that we always get back what we put into any relationship – be it with a colleague, a (potential) supplier, customer or partner.

4. Technology and Data are our friends. We must embrace and manage them.

We are faced with more technology, and an increasing flood of data to understand, assess, and analyze every day. We will learn to sort through them, and learn how to use them, so they make us more productive, help us work more efficiently, and assist us to do more with less for the benefit of our business. We will selflessly share key learnings, generously give feedback to the tech developers, and seek joy and satisfaction from the collective progress of our colleagues, and fellow marketers, and the industry.

5. It’s a small, small world. Relationships matter.

We will conduct ourselves with honesty, trust and transparency in all our dealings, with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners inside and outside our business. If there’s something we cannot do ourselves, we will gladly recommend or seek someone else’s assistance who can do it better. We will report honestly on what worked, and what did not. And we will do everything we can to cherish and grow every relationship.

So what’s your Marketing Manifesto at your company? Please share your thoughts below.