Eliminate Double-Counting of Display Conversions with In-Banner Form Ads

For the past decade or so, businesses have been hesitant to invest (more) in display advertising. The primary reason? Marketers are often unable to connect their display media spend to subsequent conversion events on their website.

The main obstacle marketers face is their inability to connect a specific display ad with the conversion, viz: purchasing a product or service, signing up for a webinar, or downloading an ebook. The key question for them: how can this linkage be established, when they can’t control how their prospects might behave, or predict the exact time and place of a conversion action?  Continue reading

Grow Eloqua Lead Lists with Engaging Polls and Surveys

Marketers everywhere are wrestling with a significant challenge – how to get users, whether visitors to their website, or prospects in their email lead nurturing list to engage! The catchword of the moment is “Attention!”. Kwanzoo has been focused on solving this exact problem, for our customers, whether they are B2B, B2C or Event Marketers. We have a range of marketing units, with template-based marketing flows, that can grab a user’s attention with a poll, a short multi-question quiz or survey, an incentive to share socially, or a reward for opting into a contact list.

Eloqua Logo Small A few weeks ago, we finalized a technology partnership with Eloqua. We got together with Steve Woods, Eloqua’s CTO and came up a couple of interesting ways that Kwanzoo marketing units could integrate with Eloqua. We then got access to their APIs and got cracking! What you see here are the initial results of our collaboration.

If you are an Eloqua customer, here is what it means for you:

1. Embed Kwanzoo smart polls, surveys / quizzes, social shares and opt-in units into your Eloqua lead nurturing emails. You will have many more interesting ways to now engage your users, and drive them down a conversion funnel (attend a webinar, download a whitepaper, consume more content on your website).

2. Engage users across different marketing channels (your website, corporate blog, Facebook page, community site, affiliate/partner site, paid media placements, third party email blasts). Get them to connect with your business, and leave their contact information, as they receive an incentive such as a white paper or research report. Once we capture the contact information, it is dropped directly into Eloqua for ongoing lead nurturing!

This is just the beginning. We have much, much more planned. Imagine being able to ask interesting poll and survey questions, and capturing user insights and preferences either in Kwanzoo, or back in your Eloqua lead nurturing database, down to individual users!

Now you will be able to engage John from Acme Medical Industries, who’s gone cold on you, in a dialog on industry trends, by answering your survey questions. Along the way, you’d find out quite a bit about when they’d be ready for a sales demo, and what’s their buying timeframe! All of this, even before you hand off the lead to your sales team!

Missing data on prospects? Imagine being able to augment your data with progressive profiling over multiple email touches. We are working on these and other interesting use cases for demand generation, enhanced lead nurturing, word-of-mouth marketing with our clients. Have questions? Just write to us about your specific challenge, and ask us for an Idea Note. We will get back to you within 48 hours!