Eliminate Double-Counting of Display Conversions with In-Banner Form Ads

For the past decade or so, businesses have been hesitant to invest (more) in display advertising. The primary reason? Marketers are often unable to connect their display media spend to subsequent conversion events on their website.

The main obstacle marketers face is their inability to connect a specific display ad with the conversion, viz: purchasing a product or service, signing up for a webinar, or downloading an ebook. The key question for them: how can this linkage be established, when they can’t control how their prospects might behave, or predict the exact time and place of a conversion action?  Continue reading

Kwanzoo News Update – February 2012

In this issue:

  • Blog post: Marketing on Mobile to Business
  • Introducing Kwanzoo Power Hour Webinars: March 8
  • Insights Webinar with DemandGen: Mar 22
  • Double Down on Smart Banners in March!
B2B 2012 Trends Part 5: Marketing on Mobile for Business
A recent Marketing Sherpa survey finds that 64% of business users regularly view work-related emails on mobile devices. That said, the challenge for most B2B marketers, based on what we are hearing from our customers and partners is that mobile-enabling email campaigns, and driving engagement and conversions via the mobile email channel, remains hard to do. What are B2B marketers looking for and what factors should they consider as they get ready to launch mobile campaigns?


Introducing Kwanzoo Power Hour Webinars: First Webinar March 8, 10 AM PT

You asked, and we are pleased to bring them to you. Our new Power Hour webinars will provide an in-depth look into Kwanzoo’s platform, and how it can help you execute specific campaign strategies to optimize demand generation. Get quick answers in a live setting.
Register Now: Kwanzoo Power Hour Webinar [Maximize Your RPM Investment]: Mar 8, 2012, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.
Join us as we discuss specific Top of Funnel and Mid-and-Lower-Funnel strategies to optimize demand generation, when you use Kwanzoo with lead management systems such as Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce. Learn new ways to capture leads across channels, better target your content offers to prospects, increase your lead scoring opportunities, and deliver the right message to each individual prospect everywhere. Understand how to measure the ROI impact of these new campaign strategies on your revenue funnel.


Insights Webinar with DemandGen [New Ways to Fill the Funnel & Increase Website Conversion]: Mar 8, 2012, 10 AM PT/1 PM ET

Join our CEO, Mani Iyer, and DemandGen CEO, David Lewis, as they discuss tactics for personalizing marketing to the individual user, on your website, and across channels. Learn all about new ways to capture additional buyer persona information directly inside Eloqua, using short lead forms, polls and mini-surveys that help you gather buyer insights. Increase your lead scoring opportunities, capture new leads, and grow your website conversions.


Double Down on Smart Banners in March!

We recently introduced Kwanzoo Smart Banners. Easily A/B test your banner ads everywhere, including your own website, partner site, blog, Facebook page, or even a paid media placement. As a Thank You, sign up for any Kwanzoosubscription plan, and we will double your plan impression limit for the month of March! Just ask us for the “Double Down in March” offer after you sign up, and we will up your March impression volume!



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