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Liz Mallett specializes in marketing automation, account-based marketing and customer success at Kwanzoo. In her spare time, she enjoys sport climbing and competitive strategy games.

ABM Display Advertising: Find New Revenue GOLD with Anonymous Visitor Journey Reporting

When running ABM display, ads are normally served to a list of cookies or IPs generated from your account list. However, with most ABM providers, when it comes to actually measuring the most important outcomes of your campaigns—who visited from what account, and how much each account engaged with your ads —a large percentage of site visits may end up being reported as anonymous visitors. With reverse IP all that you can find out is the account (company) that the anonymous visitor belongs to; and that again only when they visit your website from work or business IP addresses.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of your target account traffic–up to 80%– often ends up being reached via home IPs, through ISPs or through VPNs at those accounts. Continue reading

How to Set Up Account Lists for ABM Display

Are you running ABM display programs (display ads directed at your list of target accounts)? If so, there are 5 key questions you should be asking your ABM display partners BEFORE you launch a program:

1. Which accounts on your master account list are reachable?
2. How many accounts can you target for a set budget?
3. Which accounts are being served your ads (and how many impressions)?
4. How many (more) accounts are engaging via ads and on your website?
5. How many new opportunities are in your CRM from your target accounts?

This post will answer the first of these questions — how you can find out the number of reachable accounts (accounts you will be able to serve ads to) on your target account list. At Kwanzoo, we encourage you to get this exact information from us through a complimentary Account Coverage Report.

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3 Tips to Maximize ABM Display Ad Success

So you’re running ABM display campaigns. Your budget has been approved, you have chosen a provider, and your ads have launched. You’re golden, right? Well, not quite. Running your campaign is all well and good, but now you need to determine how to best measure your campaign in order to prove the results to management.

Below are three actionable tips that will help you get the most accurate and complete gauge on your ABM campaign performance as you run campaigns. These assume that you have some background in display — for more on the basics, check out our previous blog post, 13 Keys to Success: The Ultimate ABM Checklist.

1. Redefine Your Metrics.

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Kwanzoo’s Awesome August of ABM

This August has been an exciting time at Kwanzoo. From new ABM programs with current customers, to broader industry recognition, new ABM resources, Kwanzoo Awesome Augustand new customers who are in the Fortune 50 and Global 100, it has been an eventful few weeks. We are glad to share some highlights of our “Awesome August of ABM” with our appreciation and gratitude below:

1. Top 2 for ABM Display in David Raab’s new Guide to ABM

Are you finding it a real challenge sorting through all the ABM hype and confusing messaging from providers? The newly released Guide to ABM (covers 40 providers, available here) from David Raab features Kwanzoo as 1 of the top 2 ABM display providers that support 4+ core ABM capabilities. This objective guide will help you choose the right partner(s) for your ABM programs in Q4 and beyond.

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Beyond the Click: Best Practices for Site Retargeting

Site RetargetingSite retargeting has been around for some time. What many marketers miss is how crucial it is to go into your planning phase prepared with key data, and the importance of optimizing using measurements way beyond just engagement and click-throughs from your ads.

In this post, we start with a basic overview, ‘What is Site Retargeting?’. We then cover “table stakes” – the must-dos for planning & launching any site retargeting program. We wrap up by covering what smarter B2B marketers are doing today to make the most of their active site retargeting campaigns – finding new accounts, contacts and leads through site retargeting, driving higher engagement with personalization rules, and accelerating their pipeline as a result.

1. What is Site Retargeting?

Site retargeting is a display marketing strategy that allows you to re-engage the 95% of site visitors who leave your site without filling out a form through display, to convert more visitors who have already expressed interest in your brand. With this strategy, visitors to your website are tagged with a retargeting cookie when they visit your site. They are then served your ads throughout the web as they browse the internet, leading to increased, cost-effective top-of-funnel lead conversions.

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