The Simple Math for ABM Display Ad Programs

A growing number of B2B companies are planning, budgeting and launching ABM display advertising programs. One area where many customers struggle today is modeling out the estimated return on spend (ROI) from these programs.

As we work with a growing number of mid-to-large enterprise B2B companies, we have developed some rules and key metrics (we call it “Simple Math”) so you know you are scoring “small victories” from ABM display ads as you move towards your revenue goals.

 All marketing programs should have a direct positive impact on revenue. However, tying your  program spend to revenue outcomes is not always easy. It’s even harder when your products or solutions involve larger annual contract values (ACVs) of $100K or more, longer sales cycles of six to 18+ months, and complex buyer journeys over multiple digital channels.

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Why ABM Display Is Your OnRamp To The NEW SiriusDecisions Waterfall

Over 3000 B2B marketers converged recently at the SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas. One of the big announcements there was the introduction of their new and improved SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall™.

A great many articles and posts that have been written over the past couple of weeks around this new Waterfall and what it means for B2B marketing. You can catch SiriusDecisions’ own Overview of their New Waterfall here. 

What Is the NEW SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall?

Earlier versions of the Demand Waterfall were all about leads (or individual buyers in a B2B buying team) who raise their hands and the progression of those leads down the demand funnel. The new Demand Waterfall recognizes the broader trend to an “account-based” or “account-centric” approach to B2B marketing. It moves the focus from leads to “Demand Units” – where each Demand Unit represents a group of Buyers within the enterprise with a clearly defined need, staff resources, budget and are seeking solutions from a tech or services provider.

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Discovering Account-Based Gold: Key Takeaways from the TOPO Summit

As B2B marketers, we are inundated with live event opportunities in the first half of every year. From B2B Marketing Exchange to the Revenue Summit (by Sales Hacker and FlipMyFunnel), the TOPO Summit, Martech, the various Marketing Cloud events (Oracle MME, Marketo Summit, Adobe Summit, IBM Amplify), and the SiriusDecisions Summit – it is one long list that could easily take up a big slice of our time and event (attending and sponsorship) budgets.

Here at Kwanzoo, we have attended or sponsored a good number of the events on this list. Time is precious, so we are constantly evaluating which events seem to have the best “vibe” for attendees and sponsors, the best content programming, well-prepared speakers who care about their audience, put their attendee interests first (while also delivering for sponsors) and overall deliver the best ROI for time spent.

What Was Different About TOPO Summit

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3 Ways That ABM Display is Your On-Ramp to ABM

Many B2B companies are just getting started with Account-based Marketing (ABM) initiatives. Moving to an ABM approach can seem quite daunting, when you have been running traditional demand generation programs all along. Everywhere you turn, the ABM “hype meter” does not seem to die down. Just about every provider will tell you they do ABM, and it can get hard to decipher where exactly a technology or tool fit into an overall ABM process.

So before you pick up speed and start cruising down the ABM Super Highway, is there an on-ramp you can take, that will lower your stress level as a new driver? Do you have ample runway to pick up speed, and feel safe as you merge into the fast rushing traffic, all headed towards their ABM destinations? Is your on-ramp well thought out, so it minimizes sudden breaks-and-accelerates, and eliminates misfires, as you get on the long ABM road ahead?  

Broader ABM Requires 4 Key Investment Areas

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The 5 Key Metrics for ABM Display Success

As Account-Based Marketing (ABM) makes its way into core demand gen practices at B2B companies, a key challenge many marketers face is establishing a simple framework for measuring program success.

The ultimate measure for any ABM program is the impact on revenue. However, tying program spend to revenue is not always easy, especially if your products involve a larger annual contract value (ACV), longer sales cycles, and complex buyer journeys over multiple digital channels. It’s therefore essential to establish multiple metrics to track for any ABM program, that serve as markers for you, that you are on the right lane, leading you all along towards your goals.

At Kwanzoo we specialize in ABM display and retargeting programs. Over the past 6 months we have launched multiple ABM display programs across geos (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia) for many mid-to-large B2B enterprises. We run several account-based targeting strategies (cookie-based, IP-based). Our customers’ program goals range from prospecting, to customer upsell / cross sell, competitive switch, partner influence and more.

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