Online Display Advertising for Account-Based Marketing: How Much Does It Cost?

Recent developments in online ad technology have made B2B display advertising more affordable and easier to manage. Today more companies can do it than ever before.

But does that mean your company can afford to do it?

This article helps answer that question. It lists your likely costs and offers tips for controlling them.

Expect Costs in Three Categories

When you begin B2B online display advertising, you will spend money in three areas:

  1. Fees for an ad technology platform. This is a monthly or annual fixed cost. You pay a subscription fee.
  2. Fees for media buys. These are variable costs. The amount you pay depends on how many ads you buy, which accounts and individuals you target, and how many impressions you want.     
  3. Fees for creative and other purchased services. These are also variable costs. You will need creative and production services to generate your ads. You may also choose to buy optional premium services such as ad verification.  

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Inside Display Ads for Account-Based Marketing: From Specs to Creative to Production

When B2B companies ask themselves if online display advertising may be a good way to strengthen their account-based marketing, they are likely to face dozens of questions.

This post tries to answer two:  

  • How can do companies create effective display ads for account-based marketing?   
  • What creative skills do you need to get started?

The answers are organized into three topics we’ll address in order:   Continue reading

ABM Display Ads: How to Reach Your Ideal Customers Before Your Competitors Do

Imagine if your business-to-business sales team had a fast and efficient way to uncover hidden opportunities long before your competitors do.

Think of the advantages you could achieve by influencing your customer’s buying preferences early in their decision process.

This article explains four straightforward steps to give your sales team that important edge.

It’s the third in a series that demystifies how B2B companies can get started with online display advertising.

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B2B Display Advertising: Targeting the Exact Groups You Want to Reach

Online display advertising for B2B can put your commercial message on the computer, smartphone, or mobile device of specific people within specific companies. It can even narrow your audience to individuals at a chosen level of seniority in certain job functions at targeted company locations.

This capability is extraordinarily powerful. It also has some noteworthy limitations.

To understand both the power and limitations of targeting online display ads, it’s helpful to understand how the technology works – at least at a high level.

That’s the purpose of this article. How does ad-targeting technology work? How precise is it, and what’s the “magic” behind it?

We’ll try to answer those questions without getting overly technical.  

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Online Display Advertising for Account-Based Marketing: What’s in It for B2B Sales Teams

Online Display Advertising for Account-Based Marketing: What’s in It for B2B Sales Teams

Online display advertising? Account-based marketing? These probably aren’t hot topics on the agenda at meetings for B2B sales reps. But they ought to be.

Considering how hard it is get into new enterprise accounts, online display advertising and account-based marketing offer powerful advantages. They’re especially valuable for B2B companies sell high-consideration products or services to big accounts.

If you sell innovative products or services, or if your company isn’t well-known in an industry segment you’re trying to enter, you’ll want to pay attention.  

B2B selling has gotten harder

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